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Etihad Airways flies to 1 city in 1 country from Manila (not including codeshares).

  • United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi

Terminal Information

Please see separate section for codeshares below for codeshare information.

All Etihad Airways flights will depart and arrive at NAIA Terminal 1.

Codeshare Information

Etihad Airways markets flights operated by codeshare partner airlines. The following flights are marketed as Philippine Airlines flights but are operated by partner airlines.

Flight Terminal
EY3919 to Bacolod (BCD) / PAL Express PR2134 2
EY3917 to Bacolod (BCD) / PAL Express PR2132 2
EY3915 to Bacolod (BCD) / PAL Express PR2130 2
EY3923 to Bacolod (BCD) / PAL Express PR2138 2
EY3921 to Bacolod (BCD) / PAL Express PR2136 2
EY3985 to Butuan (BXU) / PAL Express PR2968 3
EY3937 to Cagayan de Oro (CGY) / PAL Express PR2522 2
EY3935 to Cagayan de Oro (CGY) / PAL Express PR2520 2
EY3941 to Cagayan de Oro (CGY) / PAL Express PR2530 2
EY3939 to Cagayan de Oro (CGY) / PAL Express PR2526 2
EY3973 to Cebu (CEB) / PAL Express PR2860 2
EY3912 to Cebu (CEB) / PAL Express PR2854 2
EY3969 to Cebu (CEB) / PAL Express PR2842 2
EY3975 to Cebu (CEB) / PAL Express PR2864 2
EY3983 to Cotabato (CBO) / PAL Express PR2960 3
EY3958 to Davao (DVO) / PAL Express PR2808 2
EY3964 to Davao (DVO) / PAL Express PR2820 2
EY3907 to Davao (DVO) / PAL Express PR2816 2
EY3947 to Dipolog (DPL) / PAL Express PR2558 3
EY3943 to Dumaguete (DGT) / PAL Express PR2544 3
EY3945 to Dumaguete (DGT) / PAL Express PR2546 3
EY4011 to Iloilo (ILO) / PAL Express PR2144 2
EY4010 to Iloilo (ILO) / PAL Express PR2142 2
EY4009 to Iloilo (ILO) / PAL Express PR2140 2
EY4013 to Iloilo (ILO) / PAL Express PR2148 2
EY4012 to Iloilo (ILO) / PAL Express PR2146 2
EY3987 to Kalibo (KLO) / PAL Express PR2970 3
EY3931 to Laoag (LAO) / PAL Express PR2199 2
EY3927 to Laoag (LAO) / PAL Express PR2197 2
EY3981 to Legazpi (LGP) / PAL Express PR2922 3
EY3979 to Ozamiz (OZC) / PAL Express PR2890 3
EY3951 to Panglao (TAG) / PAL Express PR2778 2
EY3949 to Panglao (TAG) / PAL Express PR2774 2
EY3957 to Puerto Princesa (PPS) / PAL Express PR2788 2
EY3933 to Roxas (RXS) / PAL Express PR2204 3
EY3994 to Tacloban (TAC) / PAL Express PR2982 3
EY3997 to Tacloban (TAC) / PAL Express PR2988 3
EY3999 to Zamboanga (ZAM) / PAL Express PR2994 3
EY4001 to Zamboanga (ZAM) / PAL Express PR2998 3
EY3971 to Cebu (CEB) / Philippine Airlines PR1850 2
EY3910 to Cebu (CEB) / Philippine Airlines PR1846 2
EY3908 to Cebu (CEB) / Philippine Airlines PR1836 2
EY3907 to Davao (DVO) / Philippine Airlines PR1816 2
EY3960 to Davao (DVO) / Philippine Airlines PR2814 2
EY3905 to Davao (DVO) / Philippine Airlines PR1812 2
EY3903 to Davao (DVO) / Philippine Airlines PR1810 2
EY3962 to Davao (DVO) / Philippine Airlines PR1818 2
EY4003 to General Santos (GES) / Philippine Airlines PR454 2
EY3953 to Puerto Princesa (PPS) / Philippine Airlines PR1782 2