Pan Pacific Airlines 8Y312 flight to Manila from



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Arrival Date

Nov 30

Arrival Time


Journey Timeline

  • Before you leave Davao

    Picked up by someone when you arrive in Manila? Don't forget to give them your flight details.

  • Check in to your flight

    Please proceed to the Davao City Francisco Bangoy International Airport and check-in at least one hour before your flight. You may also check-in online in advance.

  • Plane takes off from Davao

    Scheduled: 07:05AM

    Have a pleasant and safe journey and see you soon in Manila.

  • Arrival in Manila

    Scheduled: 08:45AM

    You are arriving in Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport .

    There is no timezone difference between Manila and Davao.

  • Collect your checked-in baggage

    Please see display boards in the arrival area for baggage belt information or ask any of the airport ground staff.

  • Going out of NAIA

    There are multiple transport options from NAIA to the city. Please check out our NAIA Transport Guide for more details.

Transferring flights?

If you're transferring within the same terminal, just approach the transfer desks on the arrivals area.

If your onward connection is on another terminal, you may check out our Inter-terminal Transfer Guide.

Pan Pacific Airlines Contact

If you have questions about your flight, approach any of the ground crew or contact Pan Pacific Airlines.

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