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Intermittent power disruptions at NAIA Terminal 3

Travelers passing through NAIA/MNL Terminal 3 from April 2 to May 28, 2024, will encounter several key changes due to ongoing power maintenance activities. These upgrades aim to enhance the airport's infrastructure and improve your future travel experience.

What to expect?

Although the outages are scheduled late at night to minimize disruptions, passengers might experience reduced air conditioning and some elevators and escalators may be temporarily out of service.

To ensure that airport operations continue smoothly and that processing of passengers and flights is not interrupted, backup generators will be in place.


Dress Comfortably: Since the air conditioning might be less effective during this period, dressing in easily removable layers or wearing breathable clothing can help you stay comfortable. Remember that it might be cold once you get in the plane.

Charge Devices in Advance: While backup generators will support critical operations, it’s wise to arrive with your electronic devices fully charged in case you can't charge at the airport. Consider bringing a power bank to keep your gadgets powered throughout your journey.

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