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Stay informed with the latest travel advisories and guidelines for travelers at Manila's airport.

Cebu Pacific aircraft that swerved from taxiway, towed. Operations resuming to normal.

UPDATE: Aircraft has been towed and handed back to the airline. Operations are resuming to normal.

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Extension cords are now allowed in hand-carry

Extension cords and power strips are now allowed in carry-on luggage at all airports in the Philippines, including Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

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May 20: ATMC glitch delays flights in Manila

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has identified a technical issue with the Air Traffic Management Center causing delays at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

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Runway repairs at Davao airport

Davao's Francisco Bangoy International Airport is currently undergoing essential runway repairs, initially set to complete by May 31 but now expedited to finish by the first week of May. This may impact passengers travelling between Manila and Davao.

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Intermittent power disruptions at NAIA Terminal 3

Travelers passing through NAIA/MNL Terminal 3 from April 2 to May 28, 2024, will encounter several key changes due to ongoing power maintenance activities. These upgrades aim to enhance the airport's infrastructure and improve your future travel experience.

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