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Vietnam Airlines VN647

to Manila from



July 16, 2024
Scheduled Arrival

Get real-time updates for VN647 from Hanoi to Manila with Vietnam Airlines. Check if the flight is delayed, find terminal and baggage carousel details, and access a guide on what to prepare before arrival for both travelers and those meeting them.

  • eTravel

    You are required to fill in eTravel. eTravel is the online arrival and departure declaration form of the Bureau of Immigration.

  • Taking off from Hanoi

  • Arrival in Manila

  • Proceed to Immigration

  • Claim your baggage

  • Clear customs

    Passengers with nothing to declare can exit through the green channel.

  • Get a SIM Card and stay connected

    If you do not have a local SIM card yet, it's best to purchase one to avoid high roaming charges.

    Get an eSIM or regular SIM card

  • Welcome to Manila

    If you are connecting to another flight: you can check our guide on transiting at NAIA.

    You can check out our guide on getting to and from the airport for transportation options.

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