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Short-term and Overnight Parking

This guide provides information on parking at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and surrounding areas.

Updated July 14, 2024

Whether you're picking someone up, sending someone off or leaving to head out on an adventure of your own, knowing the options for parking can make the visit smoother. This page provides all the necessary information about parking facilities, short-term and overnight parking rates, and tips on which one to choose.

Keep in mind, though, parking at NAIA is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it pays to be a bit early, especially during peak travel season. TIP: Sometimes, it's better to leave your car at home or just ask someone to drop you off. Finding a parking spot is typically difficult during these times:

  • All parking areas: During long weekends/holidays
  • Terminal 3 Multilevel Parking: Friday afternoon to Saturday evening

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NAIA Parking Rates

This is applicable for parking spots at NAIA Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. This is not applicable for off-site parking areas.

Type of ParkingRates
Short-term Parking ₱40 for the first three (3) hours, ₱15 for every succeeding hour
Overnight Parking₱300 for every 24 hours, ₱15 for every succeeding hour

In summary, parking fee at NAIA starts at ₱40 for the first 3 hours and ₱15 for every succeeding hour. If you park for more than 24 hours, you will be charged ₱300 for the first 24 hours and ₱15 for every succeeding hour. You will no longer be charged the ₱40 for the first 3 hours.

Sample Computation

Scenario 1: You parked at 6:05am and left at 9:20am. You will be charged ₱40 even if you didn't reach the 3-hour mark.

Scenario 2: You parked at 6:05am and left at 10:20am. You will be charged ₱40 for the first 3 hours (6:05am to 9:05am), ₱15 for the next hour (9:05am to 10:05am), and another ₱15 for the last 15 minutes (10:05am to 10:20am). Your total parking fee will be ₱70.

Scenario 3: You parked at 6:05am on a Monday and left at Wednesday 10:00am. You will be charged ₱300 for the first 24 hours (Monday 6:05am to Tuesday 6:05am), another ₱300 for the next 24 hours (Tuesday 6:05am to Wednesday 6:05am), and 4 x ₱15 for the 4 hours you stayed beyond the 48-hour mark. Your total parking fee will be ₱660.

List of Parking Lots

Terminal 1Carpark AWazeOutdoorClosest to terminal
Terminal 1Carpark BWazeOutdoorFarther but still walkable
Terminal 1Carpark CWazeOutdoorFurthest but still walkable
Terminal 2Carpark 1WazeOutdoorClosest to terminal
Terminal 2Carpark 2WazeOutdoorFarther but still walkable
Terminal 3Multi-level parkingWazeIndoorAttached to terminal
Terminal 3Open parkingWazeOutdoorAcross terminal
Terminal 3Extension parkingWazeOutdoorFurthest from terminal
Terminal 4Parking BWazeOutdoorAcross terminal
All TerminalsPark 'N FlyWazeIndoorOff-site parking. Shuttle service provided to all terminals.

NAIA Terminal 1 Parking

Terminal 1 is used exclusively for international flights. It is used by airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Eva Air, Kuwait Airways, Saudia, Royalair, and more.

Terminal 1 has three parking areas: Carpark A, Carpark B, and Carpark C. Carparks A and B are located directly in front of the terminal they're obviously the most convenient option. Carpark C, on the other hand, is a bit further away so you might need to walk a bit more.

All three parking lots offer short-term and overnight parking.

NAIA Terminal 2 Parking

Terminal 2 is used exclusively for domestic flights. There are two airlines that operate in Terminal 2: Philippine Airlines and Philippines AirAsia.

Terminal 2 has two parking areas: Carpark 1 and Carpark 2. Carpark 1 is located directly in front of the terminal, while Carpark 2 is a bit further away but still walkable. Both carparks offer short-term and overnight parking.

NAIA Terminal 3 Parking

Terminal 3 is used for both international and domestic flights. Airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific, United, Singapore Airlines and more operate their international flights here. The only airline that operates domestic flights in Terminal 3 is Cebu Pacific.

Attached to Terminal 3 is a multi-level parking building. Since this is an indoor parking area, it is a good option for those who are looking to park their cars for a longer period of time (overnight parking).

Right across the terminal when you exit the Arrivals Hall is another parking area. This is an open parking area and is a good option for those who are picking up or dropping off passengers.

Meanwhile, when both the multi-level and open parking areas are full, there's always the extension parking area. This is the furthest parking area from the terminal and might be harder to find. In case you need help finding this parking area, you can refer to this Waze link.

Park and Fly Rates

If all the other parking lots near the terminals are full, Park 'N Fly offers off-site overnight parking services. Though not located within the airport premises, they offer shuttle services to all terminals.

Their rates are more expensive compared to the parking rates at the terminals. However, it's still cheaper to park here rather than having to miss your flight and rebook!

It is always a good idea to book a slot in advance, especially during peak season. You can book a slot through their website or call them directly at 0918-991-0000.

Rates start at ₱475 for the first 24 hours and ₱20 for every succeeding hour.

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