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Smoking and Vaping Areas at NAIA

Find out where you can smoke or vape at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila. Learn about the designated smoking areas and the rules and regulations for smoking and vaping.

Updated July 10, 2024

As of September 22, 2023, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has enforced a strict 100% No Smoking and Vaping Policy. This means no smoking or vaping anywhere in the airport, except for specific Designated Smoking Areas or Designated Vaping Areas.

In the past, you could find designated smoking spots right outside the terminals, usually after exiting the arrivals area. However, these have been removed.

Just a quick reminder: smoking or using e-cigarettes or any smoke-emitting device is prohibited during the flight, as per Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation.

Smoking at Terminal 1

For those flying through Terminal 1, it’s important to note that the outdoor designated smoking area has been removed as of late 2023. The only place you can smoke now is inside the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge. Access to this lounge is limited to Japan Airlines first class, business class, and premium economy passengers. If you’re flying first or business class with other oneworld airlines, or if you hold oneworld Sapphire or Emerald status, you can also use this lounge as long as you’re on a Japan Airlines or oneworld flight.

Smoking at Terminal 2

Terminal 2 no longer has outdoor smoking areas. There used to be a vaping area (IQOS Lounge) inside the terminal, but it’s been closed for a while now.

Smoking at Terminal 3

In Terminal 3, all outdoor smoking areas have been removed. However, if you’re vaping, there’s an IQOS Lounge located inside International Departures across Gate 112. This area is only accessible to passengers on international flights.

For cigarette and tobacco smokers, there’s a smoking room inside the PAGSS Premium Lounge at International Departures. The walk-in fee is P1,500, but check out our PAGSS Premium Lounge page to find out how you can access the lounge for free.

Smoking at Terminal 4

Unfortunately, Terminal 4 has no designated smoking areas at all. However, there’s a commercial complex across the terminal where some establishments have smoking areas.

Smoking in the Philippines: Rules and Regulations for Smoking and Vaping

When it comes to smoking in the Philippines, it's important to know that there are strict regulations in place (though enforcement of these rules vary from place to place). Smoking is generally prohibited in enclosed public places and public transportation, except in Designated Smoking Areas. These areas must be outdoors and physically separated from non-smoking areas. Many restaurants, bars, and cafes have designated smoking sections, but it's always a good idea to check local rules and signage.

If you really want to smoke and there are no designated smoking areas, make sure to be very subtle about it. Make sure you're not near any high-traffic areas. Usually, you can see cigarette butts tucked in corners of these unofficial smoking areas.

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